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Customer Care

CWA works hard to ensure that all products are taken care of and shipped to all customers safe and sound. If there is ever a time when your shipment has been ruined due to mail mishaps, etc … please contact us in our contact section and we will get back to you as soon as possible no later than over a 24 hour period.

Please also make sure that you always have your order information on hand for purchase verifications when you are in need of a product return or new shipment. 

For information on how to properly care for a recent product please see our Product Care Info page to read specifics based on your recent purchase. 

Business Inquiries

CWA provides an array of different products available for consumer purchase. However, prices will always differ if you are reaching out to CWA for a commission. Big or small, the prices always vary due to time, detail, specifications, etc.. Designs that we sell, for example T-shirt designs, have a different option for payments. Due to design/creator claims, a larger payment can be made one time for the purchase of a design or a smaller payment can be paid and royalties will be charged for the profit of those designs made. Every contract for a consumer's request is always different. CWA asks that any/all customers requesting business inquiries to abide by the contracts that they agree to. Whether it be creative commissions, custom designs, art events, etc... If you have an questions or concerns, feel free to email us!   

CWA asks customers who are abiding by Contracts and Agreements to fulfill their requirements and agreements in a timely fashion. Invoices will be sent and further contact will be made during the process of each customers commission. Payment methods vary depending on a customer's location and specifics. PayPal, CashApp, and money orders are Methods that are mostly used for commissions. For those who are local in the area, Cash is also accepted. 

Whether it be a commission or a product purchased through our website, CWA would love it if customers would take the time to fill out our feedback form that we send a few days after shipping packages. These detailed forms are sent to customer emails through google forms. We take your feedback seriously and value it for our future growth. Coupon codes and other giveaways are always offered when feedback forms are submitted to show our appreciation for our customers.  

As tempting as it may be, we ask that CWA be credited for all art and products that may be shared via social media by customers. We work hard to share our creativity and inspiration with others, but we still keep the protection of our art's protection a great priority. None of our products should be bought, only to be sold again for an individual's profit. 

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards


Offline Payments

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