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If you're viewing this page, hopefully that means you purchased something and want to find out how to properly unbox and care for your recent purchase!

Art prints/posters

If you purchased an art print or poster, congratulations! You are now a CWA collector. When finally receiving your package, we know it can be exciting, but before you rip out your beautiful print, continue reading on how to best care for your print and keep it in the ultimate condition. 


When you receive your print(s), it will be protected in a plastic film. Carefully open the plastic and allow the print to fall into your hand or onto a steady surface. Try your absolute best not to touch the surface of any print/poster so that you can lessen the amount of scratches/ fingerprints/etc... Once your print is removed from the protective plastic, always have it in a frame, protective sleeve, etc… to prevent any mishaps. You can move the print by lighting gripping the corners of the print with your fingertips. Be very careful not to bend, rip, or harm the print in anyway. If you follow these instructions, your print/poster will stay and look it's best. 


Made a recent purchase? Welcome to the EllaNae Designer Fam! Whether it's a simple t-shirt or a dope sweat suit collection, read up on how to take care of your clothes to make sure that they last for a long time and so that they look their absolute best.


When receiving your clothing/bag item, please always remove any tags that are still attached to the clothes. From the full washing cycle plus pressing, your clothes should reach you in great condition. However, it's always still a good idea to wash everything again before you wear it. For all clothes/totes with designs/images on them, it is always recommended that you turn your clothes inside out to protect them the best you can. Wash in cold/warm water and use dryer or old fashioned air drying to dry clothes. If there's ever a time when you need to get any wrinkles out of your clothes/totes, always cover apparel with a light cloth or towel first. Doing this, will prevent any designs, etc... from being ruined, burned, and the like. All clothes are 100% cotton unless otherwise stated. 



Canvas Art

So you're into original canvases huh? Well we're glad you came to the right place! In receiving your canvas, however big it may be, please remove all protective cushioning, plastic and so on. Although it might be hard, try your best not to touch and brush your hand against the surface of the painting. Stretched canvases are fairly easy to hold from the emptied space behind the front of the canvas. These canvases are also a lot easier to hang as well. Most of the times, canvases like these are not covered by other protective surfaces like prints in a frame. For this reason, always be super careful when hanging your canvas, moving it, etc... Once you've found a solid place to hang your canvas, make sure your hanging equipment is stable and strong enough so that your canvas is not loose or that it falls. A still, hung canvas is just as capable of getting dust and unwanted things around it just as much as anything else, so make sure you're tending to it occasionally and keeping it in it's ultimate condition.  


WooHoo!!! You've purchased some of our candle melts! We hope they meet your expectations and give a nice smell and vibe to your atmosphere. Here's a few safety rules for using our melts. 1. always place your wax melts in a proper wax warmer with a stable surface. 2. Use one melt at a time and do not exceed over three hours at a time. 3. Our wax melts are packaged with eco friendly material. However, you may find some debris stuck to the individual melts while unwrapping them... No Biggy! it can be easily wiped away with your fingers or you can just place them straight into the wax warmer.


You will find that our wax melts will give you a longer burn time and last 10+ hours. 


A simpler, easier, way to get the scents you love without buying an entire candle!

Cracked Earth
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