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1.2 OZ OF 100% Natural Perfume Oil roll-on. Our perfume oils were made to help women focus on their sense of being, to keep them calm and relaxed, centered and focused. Made in a base of oils, flowers and essential oils that are wonderful for the skin we present, YUE, MEI and KAI.


YUE (you-aye) - Sensual earthy scents accompanied by tiger lily petals.

MEI (may) - A wonderful scent of roses.


Oryn and Mulan are our newest additions to our self luv Perfume Oil Collection. 


ORYN (or-in) - tones of warm coconut and gardenia (popular)


MULAN (moo-lon) - scents of gentle lavender, gardenia and ylang ylang


  • Product Info and Disclaimer

    Please note that all products of the self luv collection are 100% natural and do not contain any preservatives. To preserve products and shelf life expectancy, use with clean, DRY hands or with a sppon or applicator, make sure water does NOT come in contact with the products while they are in their containers, and close containers after each use. All products should be used for external use only. If irritation occurs, stop use of product. Our products have not been approved by the FDA.


    Perfume Oil Uses:

    -External Skin Use

    -Wrists,Temples, Neck, Ears

    -Arms/Legs (anywhere on skin)


    Perfume Oil Benefits:

    -decreases anxiety and stress

    -helps reduce menstrual pain

    -aids in relaxation and sleep

    -elevates mood

    -makes you smell GOOD


    "In the beginning of making these perfume oils (YUE being the first original creation), I never thought I would reap such benefits. I carried it everywhere I went and used it several times a day whenever I just need to feel balanced and focused. It also became a habit to apply some right before going to bed, this helped me get my ZZZZZ's in and I would wake up feeling very rested. These roll-on oils are a game changer for any woman trying to embrace her femininity and stay on her grind."

  • Ingredients and Application

    Perfume oils are made natural with no parabens, no preservatives or added color dye. 


    Oryn: avocado oil, essential oils and parfum

    Mulan: avocado oil, essential oils and parfum

    Yue: Avocado oil, essential oils and flower petals

    Mei: Avocado oil, esse