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"Gal"entine's Day and why I love it.

What's up beautiful people! Yes, I have slacked last year in creating consistent posts but this year I've decided to let my passion drive me. Surprisingly my life has felt kind of "eh" without the joyful action of writing. Besides writing in my journal, I wanted something else to publish bits of my writing on and then I remembered all about my blog BEIGE. *cue the smack head emoji*

V- Day is coming right around the corner and I don't want us to get any misconceptions here. Honestly, I don't celebrate it. I would like to when I finally marry the love of my life, but as for now I just do cute things for my students and sometimes for my friends depending on what I'm inspired to do. Not to mention, I have a sister who's birthday is on Valentine's day so I'm usually already preoccupied. February 14th is a day dedicated to celebrating LOVE. But the day right before it, many of us forget about... or in fact don't even know what it is.


What is it?

A day in which friends celebrate their platonic love in any which way they choose! It could be a cute slumber party, dinner out, exchanging gifts... the list goes on. However you choose to spend it is up to you! There's not really a day out there that we have to just celebrate having the friends that we love! Sure there's all the national days like "best friends day" or "siblings day", but who has time to remember all those hundred dates on the calendar. With Galentine's day being on February 13th, it's very hard to forget it LOLLL.

What to do?

As I mentioned before, YOU CHOOSE what you and your friends would like to do. There's tons of options out there, from the biggest to the smallest. Are y'all the adventurous type? Go on a group trip, do something fun and active, get the adrenaline rushing! Are you the relaxful type? Go get mani/pedis or do them at home together. Grab some fancy glass cups and fill your glasses with rose (the non alcoholic kind :) Are you creative when it comes to giving? Make cute cards, gift baskets, or gift bags and give your friends heartfelt gifts to keep!

For the Adventurous/Nature Types


enjoy the crisp air and nature's breezes in the great lovely God-Made outdoors.


grab some of your favorite dishes, get fancy or be casual and enjoy quality time with your friends.


Hop in the car with your friends and go visit somewhere new! Go sightseeing, travel through a few different states and experience new things!

For the long distance/virtual types


I feel like every women in their life enjoys the moment of receiving flowers especially if they're not even expecting anything.

2. Send them a personalize care package/goodie bag

Fill with all their favorite sweets, face masks, coloring pages and maybe even some cute hair accessories. Make it fun and unique!

For the creative types


Hang out with your girls and paint together. This is a nice way to vibe with everyone, have deep conversations and just be creative!


This is a nice way to also be creative and experimental together. Pick out some scents, get a container that fits you and start creating your own personal candle.


You remember all those try-on scenes in movies? Do that! It can be so fun to just try on clothes, mixing things together, adding accessories and having your girls cheering you on! Why not! Sounds like an amazing fashion show to me.

There are so many options when it comes to ideas for this day dedicated to all of us as friends. It's just a good time to come together, talk, eat food, be creative and just enjoy time together.


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