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Fashion Glow-Up part 2 ||... the exciting part!!!

Hey Yallllll!!!! Miss me?!... it don’t matter cause I MISSED YOU! Ready for another adventure into my crazy fashionista closet? Let’s go!

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah… this outfit!

It’s crazy how much my style has changed over the years. Now, this part of the blog is not about how I couldn’t dress anymore. It's more so about how I started getting crazy, creative and artistic with my fashion. As you all know, based on my entire blog post dedicated to it, I LOVE COLORBLOCK. But along with that, I eventually started loving my neutral colors, block heels and cargo skirts. Over the course of this year alone, and it’s only March, I’ve gotten A LOT of praise and questions about my skirts. Where I get them from and how pretty they look.... Firstly, thank youuuuu.

Secondly, I probably made them! I’ve always had this tinker bell calling inside of me lol. I could just look at something and know how to use other things to create something better. I did this with pants a lot and not only that, I started becoming more aware of the construction, fabric and so on. Aside from my skirts, I drastically changed my taste in shoes. I went from basic level shoes to Let’s gooooooo shoes! No to mention my love for Filas. There’s just something about them that calls out to my 90’s baby soul! UGGHHHH. I remember my first pair. I actually still wear them to this day.

One of the most fun creations I've made was this hand-dyed circle skirt

It’s been hard getting here. No one hardly ever talks about the struggles of a young woman in holiness. Truth be told I don’t even like using the word holiness for this statement because this honestly goes for any woman who is trying to live a modest life. Is there something underneath my skirt so that it’s not see through? Is my head covered in all the right places? Is it too flashy or too worldly? Is it too tight, a lil snug or just right? Are my boobs poking out too much? Is my neckline high enough? The list goes on. Do the guys ever get dress coded for stuff like this? HARLDY. But that’s a post for another day. **cough cough next week’s post**

yessss, these used to be pants lol

Nevertheless, thank God I pressed through and now I have a closet full of my creations and crazy out-the-box ideas. One of the first things I had to do during this process was learn how to NOT CARE. If I spent all this time caring about other people’s opinions, I wouldn’t get anywhere. I would cause myself to be completely insecure and I would be on the edge of crawling out of my skin.

The day I finally wore the full outfit that I made, along with wearing my hair ALL OUT!

I EMBRACED myself. My figure. My height. My shoe size. My hair. My bust. My BUTT. EVERYTHING!!! And what did that do for me? It made me explore the different fashion styles that were out there. From circle skirts to pleated ones that dragged on the floor. From turtleneck velvet tops to oversized t-shirts and a baseball cap. I saw what I was capable of doing, not just for me but for others too.

One of my favorite outfits I've made!!!

One of my friends who I saw a few weeks ago was wearing a colorblock scarf style. She said it was due to my inspiration from one of my headwrapping videos on YouTube! It makes me feel good when my creativity in fashion inspires others to actually try it too! Like YASSSS, let’s build our own modest fashion empire. Click the picture down below to take a peek at this video! Also now would be a great time to encourage you to subscribe to my channel!!!

Aside from wearing things that were inspired by others, I tend to always want to wear clothes that no one else would wear. Some might call it vain, I call it wanting to be 100% Unique lol. I absolutely love the thought of having only 1 original thing in the whole entire world! That’s another reason why I love making my own clothes. I mean sure someone could try and mimic it but it still wouldn’t be the same.

If there’s one thing that anyone takes away from this blog it’s this:


Fashion is a reflection of you. It’s a reflection of your lifestyle. Of your personality. Of your vibes. You want to show that when you make clothes. We could care less of what anyone else has to say. Go out there and find out what suits you. I’m so over everyone thinking that modest fashion is for old ladies with baggy jean skirts and boring plain tops. Modest fashion is something completely different.

Cultures all over the world style differently according to modest fashion as well. Don’t shut out all your options because you think that you have to wear clothes that your state or country wears. Venture off into a different place, buy an abaya from Africa, get barrette inspiration from France, add your scarf styles from the middle east and so on. It’s all over the world!

(I REALLY loved making this outfit, it's one of my favorite cultural creations)

Modest fashion is a lot of things, but it’s not SMALL MINDED. Don’t close yourself off just because things seem out of reach. Be adventurous. Be free. Yes, you can be free and still dress modestly. I didn’t think it would be possible, but it is. Trust me.

Stay tuned for my next issue next week featuring issues and struggles of being a woman in holiness, specifically in dressing modestly.

Click this link to Shop some fashion on my website, more coming you way!!!


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