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Empowering Women: My Top Choices

What's up my beautiful people! Let's get straight into this because I can't wait to share with you my top choices on how to empower women. This can go for women empowering other women and also men empowering women... because I'm here for it!

1. Compliment her personality! Say something good about her mind and soul... not just her physical body!

  • I can't count how many times women have been complimented, by females and males, and it's always the outwardly stuff. You look so pretty, your hair is so cute, love those shoes... but it's what's inside that matters.

  • I don't know about you, but I feel ten times better when someone compliments me on my personality or my mentality on life and so on, rather than physical compliments. I don't know what it is exactly, but it just touches deeper for me honestly.

2. Step Back.

  • Sometimes showing your support to other women, could just simply be to step back and let them have the "spotlight."

  • Not everything has to be about you (or me) all of the time to where we always have to talk and boast about ourselves, ideas, achievements, etc... Let someone else shine! Watch as she glows and grows!

3. Invest in Women-Owned Businesses!

  • What better way to empower and support each other than investing in each other's businesses!

  • Whether it's buying products, attending certain events/seminars, shouting out on social media,... there's so many ways now to truly support each other when it comes to the business side of things. And trust me, as an entrepreneuHER myself, it get's pretty hectic and stressful, so having other women to talk to, confide in, and support me is a HUGE DEAL.

4. Prioritize Women

  • Truth be told, I believe that some of us are too used to having men as the "higher ups". Our bosses and supervisors and people who make "the rules." Let's put women first! Also bring the question and topic back to women.

  • We're overshadowed too much, especially in the past, and we deserve to be seen and heard. So any chance you have to shout out a successful or amazing woman in a conversation, video, post, etc... DO IT!!!!

  • the smallest things really do make a difference!

5. Stop Competing with other women!

  • Stop it!

  • It's been said so many times before that on our climb to the top, not to compare ourselves to others or to compete against them. This goes for all our women out there!

  • As women, we should want all of us to reach our goals. How can we do that if we're focused too much on trying to be better than someone else? Support your other girls and they will support you back but never compete. Especially when we all have different goals!

6. Help women keep up with their self care

  • how many times have you seen a sis overly stressed and at her wits end?! This is the part where you step in and try to help a sister out.

  • Whether it's offering to help give her some quiet alone time for a little, buying her some self love products, giving her support and compliments, referring her to services/products/shows to help reduce her stress, etc... the list goes on for this one! Anyway you can help her, HELP HER. Again, the smallest things really do make a difference.

7. Thank Women.

  • At the end of all of this, remember this one. Remember to thank women. Any woman in your life, thank her. Women go through a lot and it's funny because we always seem to be the ones to come through for people. So ever so often, show some gratitude and say thank you.

There you have it. My choices in empowering women that can come from both males and females. I'll see you all next week for my next topic on Women Empowerment!


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