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zero waste

Zero Textile Waste Collection

Zero Textile Waste Collection

Fashion is the SECOND largest polluting industry in the world and although some sell and consume unconsciously, we want to live, create and spread awareness of SLOW and CONSCIOUS FASHION. A third of plastic pollution in our oceans is from the microfibers in synthetic clothing. This is how our Zero Textile Waste collection was created. Instead of throwing out large amounts of fabric, we've created a collection of scrunchies, totes and other apparel to show just has CLASSY it is to UPCYCLE and REUSE. It takes up to 700 gallons of water to create 1 t-shirt... it's such a waste for fashion to be bought, only used a few times and then discarded. It's time to make some changes and as for CWA we are working on making our business 100% sustainable and eco-friendly, starting with this collection. Many of these products will be limited edition, one of a kind creations and a few may be duplicates. As we continue to work hard in creating these amazing products for you, we ask you to do the work and subscribe to our mailing list! We'll notify you on our recent launches, send you special promotion codes and keep you updated on what's going on in our large abyss of creativity. 

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